Wednesday, April 04, 2007

stupid public edumacation.

Recent issues have brought back memories of my education. i have never felt that i was given a very great education in school. I was never a bad kid, nor did i ditch......but realistically i never really did anything. i feel like i was just passed through, no matter how much effort i did or did not put in. Now that things have come up with Blake's education that i feel are one sided.......i cannot remember ever being given both sides of an argument.

I have always been very conservative. Most of that stems from the things my father taught me when i was young and the basic principals he instilled in me. When i was really young and didn't understand things fully, i remember coming home and saying very Utopian things. Things that I now look back on as naive because i didn't know any better and wasn't taught to think of both sides of things. i just remember very regularly hearing my dad tell me that things don't work that way, its not always that simple. Everything has a cause and effect.

As i got older my views steered very right winged. I became proud of my views and the way i thought. But in school it was always an uphill battle. i felt that i was the only one who ever questioned the things i was taught. There was never a balanced curriculum. The majority of the essays and papers i wrote i would modify the theme and change things around from what the teacher thought, normally with the intention of pissing them off. But the only reason is because of what i grew up learning IN my home.

What if my household was not conservative? I don't think i ever would have had to fight to find the other sides of the issues. Would I have just listened and taken everything in as a fact? Would I have just been a drone accepting everything that my teachers taught me? There was never a balance for me. i cant remember ever feeling like my teacher said something i agreed with. I remember bringing a radio into my class in high school to listen to Rush. I remember being 1 of 3 kids that did not vote for Clinton in the mock elections in 92.

I am not stupid enough to think that there are not more sides to every issue. I understand that other people think differently than i do. They are perfectly entitled to thier views and the reasons they believe in them. I don't expect Blake to have any conservative teachers. I don't care if he does or doesn't. What i do want is for him to be presented with balance. I don't want to contradict everything his teachers tell him at dinner every night. I want him to be thought to THINK. i want him to be taught to find his own reasons for his thoughts, not force fed what his instructors think.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


who know logging into my blog would take 5 minutes with all that new stuff to log in....did that change a long time ago?

i guess its good that i havent blogged because normally its bitching about something....and lately i have nothing to bitch about. pretty much every aspect of my life is good right now.

all i have to do know if finish fucking with my truck. i need to have it able to wheel by june......and the clock is ticking.......i must

weld on a traction bar
finish making a rear bench seat
rewire my rear locker, lights
add the overload leaf into leaf pack
new hiem joints on front coilovers

that should be it.......dammit

Monday, December 11, 2006

what a fucking day

i get up and jenn feels like shit....i dont feel all that hot to begin with. i get to work and start on something that i started 2 weeks ago and havent touched grinding a little piece and slip, i feel the grinder go through my glove.

this is semi normal.....but normally its like a road rash. but not today, today it went nice and deep. it got filled it full of grit and dirt. so time to go get stiches......

when they take the bandage off i look and think to myself....
i swore it was worse.....
i could have dealt with that....fuck.
i dont like unnecissary workers comp claims....but then i think well it needed stiches anyways even though some suchers would have been fine....and maybe it would have gotten after i justify it i get back....go to lunch....come back and i find my rail was wrong, so i had to start over.....3 hours shot to shit......

then 20 minutes before its time to go home...
im smacking something with my hammer.....and it slips....middle finger WHAM! i dont know how the fuck it didnt break but thank god. i hit it so hard and on the edge of something.....

my left hand and i had a very bad going to get drunk now.

Monday, November 06, 2006

the first one.

So this weekend i went pig hunting for the first time. I was really interesting to me. Some of you know i have been brought into hunting through my friend's parents. My folks never hunted and there was never a gun into the house. So for the last couple of years i have starting out and learning to hunt.

I went deer hunting last month and didnt see a thing. but very peaceful very quiet. slow and relaxing.

well like i said i went pig hunting and it was cool. it is so exciting compared to deer. (granted i think deer will be more rewarding) but what a difference.

you can hear them in the bushes digging up the ground and snorting.....its a fucking gas. its action packed (considering you can get goared by one of the little bastards:) we are yelling to each other and running after them. (when a dear takes off just say later) but when a pig takes off......its like chasing your dog in the back kinda got a chance.

well this is how it went.......
we were starting our walk....5 of us.... jimmy was above me walking sideways on the hill. well i started to go to low so i had to crawl on my knees to get though a couple of pine trees.....and then i hear jimmy yell "chris 4 pigs coming your way!" i look up and three of them are rounding the tree infront of me. i thought to myself oh fuck....i have 3 hogs running right at me and im on my knees crawling through a fucking bush.....

so i raise up my rifle and just shot and missed....i didnt really even aim.....2 took off up the hill and one stayed on course. i fired agian and hit it. It took off down the hill and we found in the rivene...but it as still alive so i put it down.

as heartless people think hunters are there is nothing worse that seeing and animal suffer there is absolutely no pleasure in that aspect.

but anyways i my first pig. and my first big game.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Three people who make me laugh: i need to say why?
blake....cuz he is a goof.
john our nieghbor. he is a funny bastard

Three things I can do:
Sign language
satisfy jenn

Three things I can't do:
play drums
keep the house clean
think of another thing to put.

Three things I'm doing right now:
eating chips and dip
getting ready to pick up blake

Three things I want to do before I die:
go to nova scotia
own a house
finish my truck

Three things I hate the most:
do you really want me to anser this???
some people think "everything"

Three things that scare me:
Any liberal that holds public office
public schools

Three things I don't understand:
liberal logic
union labor

Three skills I'd like to learn:
more sign language.
some type of martial art

Three ways to describe my personality:

Three things I think you should listen to:
My father
and more me

Three things you should never listen to:
old school media

Three favorite foods:
Codfish and potatos

Three beverages I drink regularly:

Three shows I watch a lot:
Family guy
dirty jobs

Three people I'm tagging to do this:
jennster i know she wont do it
teri, cuz she is a cunt
and becky......cuz she is married to my man.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

so im going to marry this:

A fucking pothead.
i just remebered this pic......i couldnt reisit.
i love jennster. while i was on vaction this wonderfull woman spent her sunday watching nascar and football and was texting me updates......i would nominate her for wife of the year but we arent married yet......
and since im gonna get in trouble for embarrasing her with a picture i will sacrifice a pic of myself and my tan to even the score.

Monday, October 02, 2006

my vacation is around the corner!!!!!!!!

On thursday night i will be heading off on my yearly hunting/camping trip. Im fucking stoked. This is the first year that i will be hunting deer (missing or not seeing any im sure.....).

I love going, its in the middle of nowhere. SERIOUSLY nohwere. When the lumber company pulled out of the town.....the dead end town, died. the freeway turns into a dirt road after our ranch. The town has 1 grocery store, 1 hardware store, 1 gas station, and 1 bar......oh and someone got the balls to start a burger joint.

Its so relaxing being up there, Every night we go up on the hills to look at the sun go down while we sit waiting for a deer to pop out before dusk. Every morning we get up before its light and go out on a walk. i spend most of the time just taking in nature and the sights......

And driving around shooting these little fuckers!!!!!!

god they are grub.